Leaders Become Legends (LBL) is a transformative non-profit organization with over a decade of dedicated mentorship for young individuals from the So-Called Black, So-Called Hispanic, and So-Called Native American communities. Our mission is to guide and empower these frontline community members, bridging the gap between potential and opportunity.

Over the years, LBL has recognized a critical need within our community—85% of the young adults we’ve engaged with were unprepared for the opportunities that came their way. Various challenges such as complex family situations, a lack of essential knowledge, challenging living conditions, struggles with substance abuse, limited education, and other barriers have hindered their paths to success.

In response to these challenges, Leaders Become Legends was founded to be a beacon of support. Through dedicated mentorship programs, we are committed to equipping young adults with the skills, knowledge, and resilience needed to navigate and seize the opportunities that await them. By addressing the root causes and providing a supportive network, LBL strives to empower the next generation, ensuring they are prepared to not only face but also excel in the opportunities that come their way. Join us in creating a community where every young individual becomes a legend in their own right.

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