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About Our Organization

Leaders Become Legends is a non-profit organization with 3 Co-Directors Bretto, Derric, James all are Fathers, Businessmen, Frontline Community Leaders, Activist with lived life experiences relatable with the demographic we serve. While working with and mentoring young So Called Blacks, So Called Hispanics, and So Called Native American frontline community members for over ten years helping them to get re-engaged with learning, gain employment, and connect to other resources we’ve found that 85% of the the young adults that we worked with were not prepared for the opportunities that came their way. Due to family situations, lack of know how, living situations, substance abuse, lack of education and other barriers. We created Leaders Become Legends to fill in the gaps through mentoring young adults to prepare them for opportunities. Leaders Become Legends will provide necessary resources to adequately address mental and physical health needs, financial and social needs, ownership, and economics to foster independent individuals who are engaged citizens contributing to the improvement of their communities.

Become A Legend

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How We Make A Difference

We Create our own job opportunities and work closely with our young adults on mental and physical healthcare, cognitive behavior therapy, soft skills, work skills, and entrepreneurship. We also provide support to employers on diversity and inclusion matters and work close with our community partners that hire our program participants. As we continue to grow we will add different career opportunities in different sectors and career fields.

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While working side by side with our young adults and helping them to deal with trauma, life skills, coping skills and stress management.

Financial Support

Earn pay during the program. Help with banking and personal financial literacy which is important.


Connect to services such as mental health, employment, addiction, education, and professional / career mentorship

Daily Goals

• Work on self
• Learn something new
• Hands-on training
• Find housing resources
• School
• H.E.A.T Cognitive therapy
• NA/AA classes
• Completion of licenses and certifications
• Responsibilities such as Laundry, exercise and etc.

Productive & Safe Space

A place to focus on what needs to be done, not just for work but other areas of life.

Community Service

The perfect way to give back to their communities to show the importance of community and seeing the appreciation of helping from the other side.

Fathers, Businessmen & Frontine Community Leaders

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